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Some Animation Libraries for front-end developers

Front-end web design has been through a revolution in the last decade. In the late naughties, most of us were still designing static magazine layouts. Nowadays, we’re building “digital machines” with thousands of resizing, coordinated, moving parts. While browsing the web looking for a neat Javascript animatio.......


Google's Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is making your site and the site's individual pages visible and relevant to both search engines and search engine users. As a beginner to search engine optimization (SEO) you need to understand that there is no magic way to rank your website in the first page of Google, Bing or Yaho.......


What is CDN? How does it Work?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the web-page and the content delivery server. CDN, or in other words a Content Delivery Network, is “a network of geographically dis.......


Laravel Error : All RCPT commands were rejected with this error 503

Laravel implements a wrapper on top of the SwiftMailer library that makes email management very easy to configure and use at the same time.  The “Error 503: Valid RCPT command must precede DATA” happens when sending email. It’s telling you that your SMTP (outgoing mail) connection was not properly authent.......


Recording Changes to the Repository - Git Tutorial - 4

It is important to note that Git does not automatically save every change you make. You must tell Git which changes you want to be recorded by staging those changes. So you need to add those file. After staging, you can commit the changes so that they are recorded in the repository. Remember that each file in your working direc.......


Change Default OS in Ubuntu by Grub Customizer

The Grub Customizer tool is used to modify default boot loader settings. Grub Customiser tool can add, edit, remove, rearrange grub menu entries. It can also change default entry, visibility and kernel parameters. If you want, you can change boot time kernel parameters graphically through GRUB Customizer as well........

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